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About Illuminate

We Provide:

-Residential & Business Organization
-Unpacking and Organizing Assistance

-Downsizing & Transitioning Assistance
-Garage & Outdoor Storage Organization
-Paperwork Organization & Management

-Productivity & Time Management Coaching

There are two main things that separate us from every other organizing business. The first differentiating factor is our passion. Every single one of our organizers is here because they love the field and helping others. It isn’t just a job for them, it’s a lifestyle. The second differentiating factor is our method. We believe that the art of organizing is a combination of mental, emotional, and practical components. We are not here to force people to throw things away-we are here to gently guide them through a decision-making process to figure out what they truly hold dear, and to tailor a system that will benefit each individual/family in the way that they need.

The Illuminate Team
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