Home And Office Organization Testimonials

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“Samantha gets the GOLD STAR, for organizing. Due to several unanticipated events, my garage filled with down sized offices, and family member's belongings. It was to the point of embarrassing. Sam presented, (right on time,) with no judgement, and instead tons of energy, and motivation! She had wonderful useful and practical ideas. In speaking with her, she also proved to be quite knowledgeable in an array of other areas, including budgeting, spread sheets, and pet care! Sam is the best of previous 2 I've worked with. I would both highly recommend her, and will personally hire her again!! Very happy!!!”


“Sam did an amazing job organizing and decluttering my space. When she came in there was no rhyme or reason to the stuff that was everywhere. Sam helped me decide what to keep and what to get rid of and made the space totally functional and grouped all my liked items together. The price was very fair and Sam takes pride in her work. So grateful she was able to help me in a pinch”


“She did a great job and organized well”


“I hired Sam to help me organize my master closets. She arrived on time and helped me organize my clothes, shoes and accessories and now it is so easy to find everything and looks great! Thanks Sam! Our home office may be next!”


“Sam was very pleasant, timely, professional, hard-working, and helpful. Highly recommend!”


“Samantha was excellent. Really helped get me organized. Highly recommended and great to work with. Thank you”


“Sam was wonderful. She did everything we needed in a timely manner and was very pleasant, friendly, and cooperative with it all. We will definitely use her again!”


“I recently moved and was completely overwhelmed with unpacking and organization. Sam replied promptly and she had available time which was very flexible, her rates are fair and she is the utmost professional. Sam showed up on time, got right to work and helped me make sense of things while eliminating unnecessary items I've been hanging on to. Huge weight off my shoulders now that my kitchen is fully organized! I look forward to using her again to complete other rooms in my house.”


“Samantha was beyond excellent! She organized my small but cluttered place to where now, everything makes sense! I could not recommend her enough! Thank you Samantha!”


“Samantha did a great job organizing our garage. My husband and I used her for five hours.”


“Sam understood what I needed to organize my home office and is conscientious, friendly and easy to work with.”


“Sam was very friendly, professional and efficient! I appreciated her ability to work independently.”


“Sam is amazing! She organizes your mess in no time! Very responsible! She is very quick to think of ideas on organizing things I had never thought of before. She did a lot of work at my place and I keep calling her to organize some more- office, home whatever you might need.”


“Sam was punctual and friendly. She finished my whole garage in about 4 hours, which was a total nightmare to begin with. She was everything I expected and then some with her quality of service. I would recommend her to my friends if they ever needed personal organization.”


“I hired Samantha to come in and take a fresh look at an overcrowded toddler room/dining room. She was so efficient we were done with it in 3 hours and on to another room in our room. I couldn’t believe how much we got done in the little time she was here. Just a few small changes and everything fit better, looked more organized & felt less cluttered. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.”


“Samantha is an efficient and effective organizer who got the project completed before the estimated finish date. I would highly recommend!”


“Samantha is working for me doing home organization. In just two visits she has significantly improved the quality our lives. Her organizational skills are impeccable. She is self-motivated and just incredible. She's an 'A' player who doesn't require supervision and gives 100% on every task. So far she's cleaned out and organized all of my kitchen and laundry room cabinets, medicine cabinets, closet, and garage. She’s also organized my husband’s office. I can express the feeling of coming home to a beautifully organized home. I can't wait to find more projects for her!”


“We used Illuminate for organization services and they are great. Sam is so professional and has such a great attitude!”


“Sam organized my pots and gardening tools in my lanai. Everything looks wonderful and is easy to find. Use Samantha's services, because you can't go wrong. She's on time, respectful, and clear--she's just wonderful.”


“Sam organized things around the house. It made SUCH a difference. I wouldn't hesitate to hire Samantha again if the need arose.”