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Our Process


STEP 1: Schedule A Consultation

When working with a new client, our first course of action is to schedule a consultation. There are two different kinds of consultations to choose from: Virtual or In Person. Both options give you the opportunity to meet the organizer you will be working with, will allow you to show them the area(s) you are interested in working on, determine a rough estimate of how much time the project(s) will take, and form a plan of attack. The In Person consultation is recommended for those who are interested in purchasing organizing product (Bins, Baskets, Etc.). This option enables us to come to your residence and measure your space for the appropriate materials. Once a game plan is formed, an organizing appointment can be set up.

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STEP 2: Implementation

When the organizer(s) first arrive on site, they will take inventory of all supplies that were talked about during the consultation, and will take before pictures of the space(s) being worked on if permitted. They will then take everything out of whichever room/area they are organizing. If working with the client, this is the point where they would figure out what needs to be donated, trashed, or kept. All kept items would then be sorted into the appropriate categories. Once the final inventory of items is taken, the items are put back into the appropriate closet or space.







STEP 3: Finalization

Finalization is the third and concluding step. This is where the organizer(s) show the client the final product and make any final changes to the setup/system the client requests to better fit their needs. After pictures will be taken at this point if permitted, and the client will sign a form saying that the organized space meets their standards. Once that’s complete, the project is done and in the books-it’s time to enjoy that transformed space!

Organized Cubicles
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