Our Story

In 2017 it became apparent to the founder that there was a huge need for help in many different aspects of home life. Nine out of ten times someone who needed a babysitter also needed help with pet sitting. Knowing this, It became apparent that the need to create a “one stop shop” for personal services was in demand and Illuminate was born. Illuminate focuses on five major categories: Home & Office Organization, Personal Assistance, Pet Sitting, Date Night Babysitting, and Tutoring. Gone are the days of having to look on separate platforms for separate needs-the revolution has begun!

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Meet The Founder

Samantha Volmuth graduated at the age of nineteen from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. With her degree, she decided to start up her own business, Illuminate. She specializes in organizing both homes and offices. She also assists others with personal assistant duties, pet sitting, tutoring, and date night babysitting. In the almost two years that she has been a part of these industries, Samantha has worked with 110 families. She plans to continue to grow Illuminate and to make new relationships and brighten other people’s lives.